Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary Year!

Just noticed it is now into the tenth year that I have been waiting for full terms and conditions for my mooring

I would particularly like to thank Tony Hales, Robin Evans, Sally Ash, Nigel Johnson, Simon Salem and all those others whose broken promises have been instrumental in reaching this anniversary, and without whose wider efforts I would not be today marking the last decade's struggle.

Two people are not with us today; that is Hilary Bainbridge and Stephen Edell. Sadly neither they or I have seen their recommendations come fully to fruition to date but I am sure they both wish us well for the future.

As some will know 10 years is in some contexts celebrated as a Tin anniversary. I am happy to say that we still seem to be kicking the same can down the road today as 10 years ago.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Flogging a dead mooring (Not!)

Well I never. Just searched Moorings Vacancies again and now all five vacancies which I pointed out back in September are showing as still vacant, at Engineer's Wharf. How long does this farce have to continue?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Canal and River Trust still manipulating Mooring Prices

They are still at it. Went and searched advertised residential moorings vacancies earlier and at Engineers Wharf there are four berths showing vacant today.

Clearly the suggestion that CRT set a market rate for directly managed moorings is a lie as the reserve prices have not been reduced despite the apparently ongoing vacancies. It seems they will set a market rate if the price goes up but apparently not when it should go down?

The real scandal is of course that we are all being asked to contribute and fundraise for CRT but they are simultaneously prepared to forego in excess of £20 000 per annum in rental income (just in this example) in order to artificially inflate the price of London Moorings?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dawning of a New Era?

Let's not mince words. This week's news that Robin Evans is leaving CRT is good news from my perspective. Trying to resist the temptation to rant on in detail* but for me Robin's tenure has marked a decade of broken promises, some to me personally and some to the whole boating community.

Inevitably there will be much said both in favour and against Robin's tenure and achievements or failures. But the period is well summarised for me  by the CRT = Can't Really Trust'em tag on that poster that's been doing the rounds. That for me must be a priority for the new CEO. Start treating boaters as valued customers.

(* For more detailed ranting please pick almost any other posting on this blog!)