Saturday, 17 August 2013

Illegal Thoughts

The text below was written by me for NABO news and published in the July 2013 issue. Thought I would post them here too given Narrowboatworld's proposed poll on overstaying charges. This week has also seen news that CRT are planning to try implementing this system in a few places.

We get the impression that more than a few people question why NABO, some would say obstinately, all but stands alone among the established waterways organisations by still opposing a number of issues concerning licence terms and conditions and enforcement issues proposed by CRT. As reported in last NABO News we are taking further legal advice on a number of matters and following our subsequent Council meeting (May 2013) we reviewed the matter and felt we should  re-state our view.

The matter is in essence really simple. We don’t deny that when it comes to enforcement issues CRT has a huge problem and needs a different approach to that which has been tried in the past. Where we remain concerned is that the apparent imperative to do something is leading CRT down a path of pursuing new rules and regulations that are not sustainable, which risk being ripped up sometime in the future because they are legally unsound.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Canal and River Trust targets disabled man with no assets

If correct, the report on the KANDA site suggests that CRT retains the same vindictive streak towards some of the liveaboard boaters that it falls into dispute with as often seemingly applied under BW. As well as families with children it now seems that disabled people living on benefits are to be discouraged from living afloat.

Apparently CRT are trying to claim £76 000 from George Ward who it took to Court earlier this year. A copy of the judgement in this case can be viewed on the CRT website (link to PDF file here).