Saturday, 29 September 2012

Manipulating Moorings Prices?

I've long held that British Waterways manipulated the moorings auctions process in order to push mooring prices up artificially. I've long held that they have almost never reduced reserve prices for moorings that are 'hard to let'.  It seems CRT are going to continue in the same vein. I wrote last year about Engineers Wharf in West London, how the moorings were blatantly over-priced and no-one took them. I wrote about the number of vacancies that persist there and about the then BW's steadfast refusal to reduce the price, apparently prepared to lose income rather than lose face.

Well guess what? I looked that moorings auctions website a few minutes ago and there are presently no less than 5 vacancies advertised at reserve prices of £5189 per annum, nearly £700 more than a year ago. (Do a search for residential vacancies before next Thursday and all 5 should still be there.)

What more proof do we need that the claim that where there is lack of demand BW/CRT will reduce the mooring price is too often a lie? This case seems to to prove beyond doubt that the reserve price system is being blatantly abused. It also confirms the view that  BW/CRT will forego income (in this case perhaps something in the order of £20 000) in order to artificially hold up prices.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Losing the plot? - Poetry please!

Narrowboatworld has been on point again highlighting reporting the vagaries of our re-branded lords and masters and it seems that CRT have lost the plot entirely. Apparently immediate priorities are putting poetry on lock gates and filling a dumb barge full of trees, both it seems at considerable expense.