Friday, 23 April 2010

More Smoke and Mirrors

In a previous post I commented on my and others' doubts about whether the proposed BW move to the Third Sector was any real financial solution to their problems. I said I'd ask BW. Well they have answered, well sort of...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Spending public money wisely?

I was reminded of some old accusations against BW London about abusing the the funding process by a couple of things this week. Some more recent examples? What do you think?

Games Monitor has been watching the Three Mills Lock project closely and I have to say their and ITV's findings tally closely with mine. We may have our first completed white elephant of the London Olympics.

Alive and well: Smoke and Mirrors

A few things have come zipping over cyberspace over the last few weeks which reminded me of something I said in the past: my view that the current debate about the future structure of British Waterways is a load of smoke and mirrors.

(In my book it's the also increasingly looking like the dying throes of a failed BW senior management who have led BW to the edge of oblivion, and are now desperately scrabbling around for a way out.)

The real question for me remains the question I first raised at the BW AGM, back in the Autumn. "The fear is, as was mentioned, this doesn’t address your £30m a year funding gap."