Sunday, 4 April 2010

Spending public money wisely?

I was reminded of some old accusations against BW London about abusing the the funding process by a couple of things this week. Some more recent examples? What do you think?

Games Monitor has been watching the Three Mills Lock project closely and I have to say their and ITV's findings tally closely with mine. We may have our first completed white elephant of the London Olympics.

I and others have been asking questions of BW for a long while on all this, but sadly, much good it has done us so far. We are assured that the legacy phase will be when the lock comes in to its own. Time will tell.

It may be coincidence but BW Board papers also show a dispute with the main contractor who built the lock. Now whether the dispute is about the Three Mills Lock project or other work, I don't know, but In his Jan 2010 report Robin Evans, BW CEO says:

6. Contract Adjudication

By the time of the Board Meeting, we hope to have received the outcome of the two disputes with Volker Stevin that have gone to adjudication. There is nearly £3m of claims at stake.

The barge contractor who was led to believe in the project is also smarting. (See the ITV interview with him on the Games Monitor link above.)

I feel almost* feel sorry for him and the Olympic Delivery Authority and the many others who have been duped by BW on this.

(* A few of us tried to warn you about BW!)

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