Friday, 27 July 2012

Executive salaries at the Canal and River Trust

An interesting week of news around the CRT but the headline must be the announcement about executive pay. It is a huge relief that the Trustees have grasped the nettle and even the most hardened critics of BW/CRT like me are mostly pleased with the news.

One might be tempted to say 'cut down to size' but I think a better description is 'some sensible pruning'. As all gardeners know, in most cases pruning is something you have to keep an eye on and come back to periodically. It's a good start but lets not get complacent, because there are still things to watch on this front.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Canal and River Trust Launched (again)

This Thursday (12 July) saw the next launch of the CRT. Formal events took place at various events around the country and Robin Evans got a spin slot on Radio 4. As others have noted, precious little mention of boating. It seems acknowledging the largest group of existing fee paying customers was taboo?

As for my last post in response I have had a message from CRT thanking me for my 'vigilance' and they have now corrected the form. Though no apology for them getting it wrong in the first place. (Will this episode count as a contribution to the volunteer effort I wonder?)

Anyway despite the odd false start the begging bowls are now officially out and about and we will see how it goes.

RIP British Waterways. What is to follow? A resurrection of the waterways or the rise of the undead, now unchained from the encumbrance of government scrutiny?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Canal and River Trust launched (and my first formal complaint to them!)

It did not cross my mind to set out to be the first official complainant to the new Canal and River Trust (and maybe I'm not the first?) but,

I do not believe it! They have launched this week by publishing incorrect eligibility information for Houseboat Certificates repeating the old lie that I have spent many years highlighting to BW.

Just when I think we are finally getting to the end of it through the public consultation, BW, sorry CRT, just can't resist rubbing salt in the wound. Plus ca change...

Simplest thing is to see my complaint in full.