Sunday, 8 July 2012

Canal and River Trust launched (and my first formal complaint to them!)

It did not cross my mind to set out to be the first official complainant to the new Canal and River Trust (and maybe I'm not the first?) but,

I do not believe it! They have launched this week by publishing incorrect eligibility information for Houseboat Certificates repeating the old lie that I have spent many years highlighting to BW.

Just when I think we are finally getting to the end of it through the public consultation, BW, sorry CRT, just can't resist rubbing salt in the wound. Plus ca change...

Simplest thing is to see my complaint in full.

Dear Robin

I thought I would have a look at the new website now that CRT is official. I was therefore extremely annoyed and upset to find the following:

*Houseboat is a boat not used for navigation with a home mooring on a Canal and River Trust site which has planning consent for residential use."
Page 2 on the new Boat Licence application form:

This simply confirms my belief that the same levels of dishonesty and incompetence I and others faced as BW residential mooring customers, over establishing terms and conditions under BW's tenure, are apparently set to continue with CRT.

Please treat this message as a formal complaint under whatever procedure now applies for CRT.

Please would you have the matter corrected at once or otherwise explain why the Canal and River Trust is taking a different position to that I thought we had tortuously settled on this point. I also remind you of your colleague Nigel Johnson's recent High Court evidence on this point.

Yours sincerely


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