Saturday, 11 July 2009

What's got me round to writing a blog?

I've been campaigning on residential boating issues for many years. One of the frustrations has been trying keep in touch with the different and diverse community of residential boaters. Time to try something new?

I'm aware of lots of individuals and groups dotted around the country who never quite manage to hook up with each other. If all this blog does is a get a few more of us talking to each other then that's what I intend.

I hope some of the folk who don't feel able to engage with the mainstream user groups will if nothing else see this and know they are not alone.

I believe we need ultimately to network and stand together if we are not to be picked off one by one? I have seen this happen to many of my boating friends over the years and it is still going on.

1 comment:

  1. Good initiative Simon; the problem will always be that sticking one’s head above the parapet in this public way will invite potshots from the institutions that have nothing better to do than scan for such open invitations. Still, as you know, there are those who either don’t worry or who have no choice but to fight their cause, and also as you say, it could well benefit those who might gain comfort from knowledge of how others cope with frowning officialdom.

    The links are a good idea to bring various pertinent sites together; might I suggest that the BWB response to the Security of Tenure Consultation is worth adding to the list?