Tuesday, 25 August 2009

And suddenly new bins are on order!

Further to yesterday's posting I also sent a formal complaint to BW about the refuse bins at my mooring. This morning when I logged on, I find a reply saying that new bins are now on order!

Good, but an instructive lesson. I have been asking BW to deal with this informally for over a year but have just been flannelled. I lose patience and put in a formal complaint and the matter is sorted by return!

(PS -For any one interested BW's complaint policy is set out here.)


  1. My guess is that if anyone, except Simon, had taken up this issue they would have simply given up.

    Well done Simon!

  2. Not quite sure about that Allan. A look at the Waterways Ombudsman's Annual reports will show there are plenty of people who will and do use the complaints process.

  3. The point I was trying to make is that most people faced with BW's unresponsiveness for a year would simply have given up. I also suspect that if somebody other than you had made this complaint, BW would not have caved in immeadiately.

  4. The facts that:

    1 - I pursued a successful Ombudsman complaint about the maintenance and up keep of this mooring a few years ago,

    2 - The fact I had to go back to the Ombudsman a year later because they had not implemented all the recomendations from the original complaint by then, and

    3 - The fact that in subsequent annual reports (though not this year) that the Ombudsman has criticised BW generally for not always implementing Ombudsman recomendations promptly (not just my case!),

    ...may also be factors!

    My experince nonetheless is that one does have to be persistent with BW to get some things dealt with!