Sunday, 30 May 2010

Info on BW 2010 Mooring Fee Increases and price setting

I reported yesterday that the relevant info appeared to have been moved. I was wrong - it's one of BW's directions to that info that seems to be wrong!

Well a bit of further digging around and I think I have found the problem. The problem seems to be the directions on a BW web page that claimed: The current price list is published on under useful downloads, and copies of the most recent market area reports explaining pricing decisions can be found on this page.

I suspect that the words 'this page', at the end of the paragraph quoted, should have a hyperlink under them which is not there at the time of writing. In the absence of such a hyperlink, the reader by default has to assume that the info must be in the useful downloads pages.

Anyway, at the time of writing, the information explaining BW's thinking to setting mooring fees is not in the useful downloads pages at all. Instead their 'market area reports' can be found here. The big fee increase details and BW's summary justifications for these are contained in a price change exception report another two layers down, here (pdf).

I have of pointed all of this out to BW, and in fairness their web team are usually pretty prompt at sorting out such website issues once they are pointed out.

I leave it to your judgement to decide whether this represents cock-up or conspiracy. My experience of BW is that cock-up is most usually to blame! It's the number and frequency of cock ups that you should worry about!

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