Sunday, 4 July 2010

Robin Evans Pay

Thanks to the publication last week of the salary bands of the top earners in quangos etc, Robin Evans' salary is again in the public domain. Robin comes joint 14th place from the top of the 332 person list, (in the £230 000 - £235 000 salary range.)

I also saw Christoper Hope's comment on his telegraph blog pointing out that this is more than the heads of M15 and M16. He wonders what Robin (and others) do that is of so much more value than the security of the nation. Good question! Well I don't think it's that the heads of the Security Services are under-paid... See 23 April

The BW Board was due to meet on 17th June to approve the latest set of Annual Accounts*, which many of us await with interest, to see just how much money BW has lost this year and how much of their our commercial portfolio they have sold off to keep themselves afloat and maintain Mr Evans and his cronies at the salary levels they are used to!

Stop press! - the 2009/10 Annual Report and Accounts are now up on their website here.


  1. They are amassing as much in their pensions as possible because they plan to retire soon - I can't see them seeking employment elsewhere. Who would employ Evans, looking at BW's performance over the last few years?

  2. My own most recent contribution (there's been a few)from my blog:

    I know BW follows my ramblings about British Waywardways, but I couldn't give a stuff...