Thursday, 29 September 2011

British Waterways can't manage the proverbial in a brewery?

Not my words this time, though it has to be said that the same thought has passed through my mind:  David Bruce, The President of the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust has reportedly launched a swingeing attack on British Waterways Management according to another waterways blogger, KAcanaltimes.

Well done Mr Bruce. If British Waterways are true to form, BW's King-of Spin, Simon Salem will be sitting outside Mr Bruce's house right now and/or on the phone to Mr Bruce trying to gain entry to attempt to calm the waters and persuade Mr Bruce of the error of his ways. Looking at Mr Bruce's CV I doubt it will do any good.

I don't know David Bruce but his profile seems to be that of a successful business man with a long term commitment and passion for the waterways.

I and others have said much about the problems with the New Waterways Trust but I have been thinking for a few weeks about trying to find something positive to say and do and today I have maybe found the start of that thread? The one ray of hope I have for the NWC is if canal users and enthusiasts with real knowledge and skills and a demonstrable passion for the waterways are given genuine influence in the future management and governance of the waterways. If this should come about perhaps there is some hope of stemming the profligacy and incompetence of the current lot?

The report of Mr Bruce's comments gives me some hope that this may be possible. As I say I don't know the guy but on the face of it here is someone who is competent, has a proven track record of making positive things happen for the waterways and most importantly, also someone who is apparently not taken in by the spin of the current BW Management Team.

David Bruce personally may not be the answer but it gives me great heart to hear that lack of confidence in the current BW Management Team is increasingly recognised by others activists on the waterways world, and that increasingly people of proven substance like Mr Bruce are prepared to say so in public. If collectively we can convert these sentiments in to real changes in the management and governance of British Waterways or whatever follows next, then maybe there is a glimmer of hope?


  1. Well said - particularly by using "proverbial"!

  2. BW couldn't manage two eggs for breakfast. Look at the disaster in Limehouse Marina that is the legacy of the 2012 Games... canal boat service sunk without a trace in a 3ft deep canal!