Monday, 30 April 2012

Boaters and the Canal and River Trust

Been away from here for a few weeks, but been watching as ever. Some of my fellow boaters continue to disappoint, (but not surprise me). On the Facebook Boaters' Manifesto Group  a member posted the following on 05 April: Would i be right in thinking that The Boaters Manifesto has now died a very slow death?

No response from anyone for the next ten days, so I then said: Would it not be an idea to ask the recently elected Boaters Representatives for their detailed views on the Boaters' Manifesto?

This prompted a huge number of responses, but sadly most were in the negative. It seems no-one in the group has energy to take things much further following the elections. (If I'm wrong, and time may prove me so, that won't upset me.)

One other sentiment that some made at the time of the CRT Coucnil elections was a plague on the houses of the organised associations. I'm ambivalent about such criticism because as I tried to say in a previous post, I tend to do what I do anyway. Where I can find friends like minded people and make alliances, so much the better.

I hope that those who have put effort and spirit into the Boaters Manifesto will not give up or shut up, but will find places and dare I say it groups and associations to support and contribute to. Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to keep letting the new Trustees and Council know what boaters think and that a good number of us remain very dissatisfied with British waterways.

It just depends on whether the new CRT trustees have the balls to stand up to the BW Management Team.

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