Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Council condenmed for letting parishioners express their views!

Controversy has again shaken the little village of Smoke on the Water in the County of Glossitover. The Parish Council has issued a formal complaint to the County Council about its recently released film footage.

Controversially it seems that last year the County Council decided to directly contact parishioners about the ongoing parking problems in Smoke on the Water village. However the County Council recorded these conversations on film and has since published the finished vox populi on-line.

The Parish Council has taken extreme exception to all this and in December made a formal complaint, claiming that talking directly to residents in order to hear their views, "without any moderated context, is irresponsible".

According to Slasher Bailey, Head of Parking Enforcement, every last one of the villagers who the County Council interviewed "may also be unbalanced". Bailey went on to complain,  

"Presenting our parishioners as normal rational citizens is deeply unfair, misrepresents the true situation and risks undermining our relationship with the County Council. The Parish was denyed a fair opportunity either to shut the villagers up or to interfere with the making of the film. It's deeply unjust to have denied us our rights in this respect".

In response to a invitation for parking enforcement staff to view the controversial film, Bailey also added of parking enforcement staff that, "the film will not tell them anything they don't already know". Bailey refused to comment on whether staff were aware that some of the parishioners thought their actions where at times heavy handed and insensitive.

Parish Council spokesman Simon Satan later refused to confirm press reports that lawyers had been instructed to determine whether the County Council's action had breached the Freedom of Misinformation Act, but agreed that a discussion was continuing about whether County Councillors should be kept on the Christmas card list.

For a similar case in a parish near you....

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