Sunday, 23 June 2013

Divide and Rule

The following standard operating procedure came to my attention recently.
  1. Find a vocal boater who has indicated some sympathy or personal interest with what you are trying to do and who has time on their hands.
  2. If that boater has axes to grind with others (especially if it's with any of the dissenting established representative organisations or individuals cheeky enough to disagree!) so much the better. If not proceed with the following steps anyway.
  3. Woo them, invite them to meetings etc, and make them out to be a great froward thinking hero.
  4. Most importantly make sure you tell the victim that you believe they are representative of a wider silent majority who agree with your agenda. Being a silent majority of course this can't be proved but don't worry about that, take our word for it... Note: It is particularly important not to let them get wind of any dissenting views at this stage.
  5. Flatter and encourage the poor sod some more.
  6. If the victim still does not have an axe to grind with others, repeat steps 3-5.
  7. Make sure they put themselves about on the forums etc and use them as stalking horse to gather more dissenters.
  8. If they are struggling with point 7, feed them the right messages under the pretence of 'helping'. Make sure they get sent things no-one else has seen to make them feel even more confident and important.
  9. Flatter and encourage the poor sod some more.
  10. Repeat any or all of steps 3 to 9 as required.
  11. Use all this this as smoke and mirrors to try to hide the fact that a whole other load of people disagree.
Please note that the tactic becomes even more effective if you can find more than one boater. (Our experience to date suggests there are usually many others prepared to join in.)


  1. cracking stuff, Liveaboard! have you ever looked at the website or email list - if it were possible that such things as those above listed actually happened, then it would be crucial that certain 'dissenting representative institutions' get all the assistance they can use!

  2. Hear hear! Have seen this tactic used many times and most recently in Uxbridge. Definately check out London Boaters as there are some 'dodgy' newcomers around stirring the pot.....