Thursday, 18 September 2014

Throwing away charitable funds

So yet again more funds have been pissed against the wall on a dubious legal case as CRT attempts to back down from the Dunkley case.

The full ramifications have yet to be revealed and it should be noted that the Court has still to speak on a number of matters. The questions I have for CRT are who authorised the case to go ahead in the first place and if they are still in post, why!

If what has been reported is correct CRT will at least have to bear it's own legal costs and if they are true to form they will have allowed their legal team to rack up bills of ten of thousands of pounds in the hope that they would pass a huge bill on to the boater when they won.

Particularly disgusting is the use of a so called Part 8 procedure (not to be confused with section 8). In effect a Part 8 civil procedure asks the Court to make a court order on the paperwork without a defence from the defendant. It is usually only supposed to be used for uncontroversial matters where the parties agree or where an issue is very clear cut, but is one which needs a Court to sign it off. Fortunately Tony Dunkley had advice and support and was able to throw the dirty trick back in their faces. Reports I have heard suggest that the Court was deeply un-impressed at CRT trying to push the case through in this way.

I am sure more will emerge over the coming weeks but yet again CRT have scored an hugely expensive own goal. Someone is responsible for issuing these ludicrous court proceedings. Will Richard Parry have the courage to identify them and take some action to stop such things occurring in the future or will those responsible for this farce be allowed to hide in bureaucratic obscurity?

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