Friday, 1 May 2015

Who are the Freeloaders?

The comment about continuous cruisers being 'Freeloaders' made by a representative at the Birmingham open meeting has poured petrol on the social media flames again. But of course this is an old claim that many have debunked in the past.

The Canal World Forum trolling society particularly rounded on one Meg who tried to offer an honest and open view of what happened. They also went off on a whole range of conspiracy theories about the National Bargee Travellers Association. Never let facts get in the way of a 'good' argument.

All this has highlighted how a small minority can spoil the vibe for all. If anyone is a freeloader, it's the people who pour out their bile and hate against people they don't know who simply offer a different view in good faith. Most of those doing so when pressed have admitted they were not even at the meeting! These boaters do more to divide and harm the boating community than the very few Continuous Cruisers who take the piss out on the cut.

However the most interesting thing to me is that CRT seemingly failed to challenge the 'Freeloader' assertion during the meeting.

If they had done so they would have cut the whole thing down to size in a few words. The fact that the meeting was heated thereafter therefore comes as no surprise and just adds fuel to the claims that CRT are anti all continuous cruisers.

A missed opportunity for CRT to make some peace with many boaters they have recently pissed off.

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