Sunday, 23 April 2017

CRT's admits that its (latest!) Boat Licencing Consultation is based on hearsay

Many of us have said over the years that it is BW, and now CRT, policy to create problems where none exist.

I was therefore particularly struck by a Facebook thread from a boater with a long term mooring who was uncertain about the terms and conditions on which they could take their boat out cruising and was worried about getting ticketed by a patrol officer or even getting a restricted licence. Other postings in that thread quickly clarified things but it says a lot about how confused matters are getting when this sort of thing comes up, when a boating customer is so baffled by the bullshit that they are afraid to take their boat out.

I suppose someone in CRT thinks this is a good thing; Those bloody boaters, taking their boat out on the canal and sailing them up and down! Such a nuisance!

Anyway just to confuse thing a little more, as most people are aware, CRT are undertaking yet another licencing review and one has the feeling that this also fits into the 'lets look like we are doing something' modus operandi.

I say 'yet another' because as I said on Facebook and picked up by The Floater, this is actually the eighth consultation on licencing issues in a decade: CRT must be suffering from corporate Alzheimer's if after that they still don't know what boaters have to say on the subject!

Alan Richards has again nailed the lie, thanks to CRT's response to his FOI request, "Please provide -
1. All information recorded during 2016 that supports your assertion that boat owners cite the current licencing system as being complex and out of date".

In response CRT have admitted that "... the majority of our knowledge about boater perception comes from verbal communications with them and therefore is not held in a recorded format."

So here we go again: we have another major consultation going ahead based on hearsay? More lies and incompetence and creating problems were none really exist?

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