Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What to say?

I'm not writing here half as often as I used to. I made a very conscious decision to be less involved in the politics a while ago At the risk of sounding a bit bitter and twisted, one gets worn out by the battering of broken promises and obfuscation from CRT.

On the other hand CRT seem to be acting a bit more cautiously about making changes on the boating front during the last year or so. Don't take that the wrong way! It's not that they are doing better; they are just messing up less often. Not sure if that counts as progress or not? Cos the problem is still that even when they do get round to doing things, on whole it doesn't seem to be done any more effectively than it ever was.

I banked a compensation cheque for the latest breakdown of part of the maintenance service on the mooring a few weeks back. As reported here last year, first the contractors were billing fro work not done at all! Subsequently somewhere between CRT and their contractors they still seem to struggle to follow subsequent instruction to correct the matter! In the most recent case the contractor at least did the work paid fro; it's just that it would have helped if the contractor did the work at the correct address!

Then there's been another compliant in train where a manager responsible for boating issues was apparently blissfully unaware of the CRT policy on proposing changes to visitor moorings.

Next we have the recent condemnation of the current boat licencing consultation by my former colleagues at NABO. As ever it seems CRT will not accept what those they consult with tell them unless they are told what they want to hear! In the absence of agreement with their pre-determined agenda. CRT will instead press ahead on their own agenda regardless. To this extent they are consistent!

So I sit here and dream of the day when things are straightforward with CRT, but in the meantime getting on with other things.

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