Friday, 1 January 2010

Consultation Con - the latest moves

I've also been silent on this front for a little while. More specifically I've been suffering from "consultation fatigue" at the hands of BW. BW consultations on boating issues are like buses - nothing for ages and then loads all at once!

I highlighted the moorings consultation a while back. True to the spirit of that posting BW are in fact going ahead with setting up local consultations about implementing the local moorings strategies before the complete the consultation on whether local mooring strategies should go ahead in the first place closes !? This second consultation concludes a week or so before the national consultation. If this is not an example of prejudging the results of the first consultation I don't know what is.

Anyway BW have started a third consultation which is one of the most amazing means of spin I have seen from them in a while. The headline is that there will be a zero increase in real terms to boat license fees in 20010/11. The small print however is that BW want to

- reduce the prompt payment discount payable if you pay before your renewal date

- offer a higher discount to people who pay on line

- introduce a surcharge for payment by credit card

If you sit down and think about this for a moment you will realise that BW's present plan is to apply the greatest license fee increases to their best payers, those who pay a full year up front.

A finer example of slap your most loyal customers in the face is difficult to conceive of?

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