Saturday, 2 January 2010

Major consultation on national Waterways Policy

Heads up - another consultation!

DEFRA which among many other things is the government department with responsibility for inland navigable waterways, has launched the public consultation stage of its ongoing review of strategic policy. The consultation document is quite a long read and I'm still working through it myself.

Although this is about high level national policy I always look at these consultations as an opportunity to tell government and the civil servants what you think and have it put on record. In my experience it is surprising the impact a good case can have. More practically it may get issues onto Government radar that they have missed or simply never heard about.

I also think its really important that boaters make representations about your concerns if any - the list of consultees shows many of the corporate and voluntary bodies who will be involved but you the public are also entitled to make individual submissions - so please do!

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