Friday, 26 April 2013

Legal Costs and Nigel Moore

I wrote previously about Nigel Moore's situation and CRT have now responded to my FOI request on costs. Give or take the litigation has cost them us £1/4 million.

For me they are doing a bit of sour grapes/spin in their replies and as I said in the note on the What do They Know page, let's be clear that all this arose because BW formally threatened to chuck Nigel off his mooring, even if he then started the formal legal action to oppose them. It seems obvious from what CRT have said that they would have started proceedings anyway. Of course this is not really just about one man mooring his boats in a place they didn't like. It is all tied into the then BW's wider shinnanegans to grab land in Brentford. I get the impression we have not heard the last of this?

The difference now is that we have CRT in charge and a different board of directors. Will the CRT Trustees  see the merit in taking a pause to sit down and negotiate a solution with those still aggrieved about related matters in Brentford? As this case shows, the blind threat of legal action againt the 'little guy', presumably in the hope he will give up and go away, can be a double edged sword.

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