Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Engineers Wharf.... again!

Yeah I am going to bang on about this again. As of today there are still six vacant berths up for auction, again at £4704 reserves. I've said the things about how CRT claiming to charge Market Rents is self evidently a farce, how CRT are more worried about losing face than the huge void losses they are incurring. I've said it again and again: so a couple of different thoughts today.

How about offering the vacant berths here as Winter moorings? Three or four months rent in a year has to be better than none?

How about keeping a pontoon clear as a service point for the wider community? The Better Relationships Group and boaters in general have been pressing CRT for more facilities for cruising boats for months and years. Here is a ready made opportunity to improve access to facilities in West London?

Come on CRT; dare you to think out of the box?


  1. Excellent idea! Only problem is that the pumpout facility hasn't worked for erm, years? I THINK it's a case that the master pump is just too small and too far away to do the job, a pump out point at the beginning of each pontoon was never necessary.. I only kno this as i made an appointment with Laura the CRT moorings manager as we might have been interested. I did ask her to keep me informed as to when this facility was fixed as i wouldn't be prepared to fork out all that cash if a big part of the facilities was broken.. needless to say i'm not one of the current bidders! Cheers Simon x

    1. Thanks Lampini. Interesting bit of new info. Makes the inability to let the berths even more understandable!