Thursday, 27 October 2011

British Waterways is still misleading residential mooring customers

Despite my successful complaint and the Ombudsman's involvement, British Waterways it seems still persists in deceiving Residential Boaters. Their web page as of today says:

If the boat is a houseboat (see General Licence Conditions - Definitions 1.4) which is not used for navigation, and ...
If you use the boat for navigation, you should purchase a Standard Boat Licence.


As I have pointed out you are allowed to cruise just on a Houseboat licence and moving your boat should not exclude you from enjoying the additional protection you should be entitled through by having a Houseboat Certificate.

I have emailed BW and we will see how quickly they correct this. Whether by cock-up or conspiracy, this lack of care and thoroughness on BW's part just re-confirms my lack of faith or trust in BW to play with a straight bat on residential boating issues.

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