Friday, 7 October 2011

New Name for Britain’s New Waterways Charity

Away from the official launch, waterways campaigners were celebrating their new name for the proposed waterways charity which will replace British Waterways and planned to come into being next April Fool’s day. After many months consulting it has been confirmed that the new waterways charity will be known as Canals and Rivers Are Privatised (CRAP).

A spokesman commented that “we consulted widely on the correct name to adopt and after speaking to many stakeholders and other waterways users we feel we have found a solution that will work going forward.” The chairman of the transition trustees is reported as confirming his view that, “The new name represents what our waterways mean to so many people.”

It is expected that CRAP may spread into other navigations over a period of time and it is already anticipated that Environment Agency Waterways may be turned over to CRAP by 2015.

Government has also previously indicated that British Waterways property portfolio will remain in CRAP hands.

A campaigner said "Many of us have in fact seen CRAP coming our way for many years, so these announcements are no surprise. We still have concerns about many aspects of the new organisation.

"Our biggest concern is that the many of the current senior management team in British Waterways will be allowed to continue as CRAP directors. If the new charity is to be taken seriously and succeed, we particularly feel there must be a significant change on this front.

"We must cling to the hope that something new and more positive than we have seen in the past really will emerge from CRAP in the very near future."

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