Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Waiting for the train that never comes

Going through old paperwork today I discovered that next week will be the ninth anniversary of my first serious questioning of British Waterways about terms and conditions for their residential mooring customers. As of today the question is still open. Along the way:

  • Several Ombudsman Complaints in my favour.
  • A Government Public Consultation
  • A Select Committee
  • BW unilaterally abandoning the Working Group supposed to address these issues
  • Files full of correspondence and broken promises from BW starting with the Chairman Tony Hales
  • Government Departments ducking the question and passing the buck between themselves
Still British Waterways seem unwilling to provide me with and other residential customers with the full written terms and conditions that a previous Ombudsman said I was entitled to.

I wonder if BW can string it out another year and make double figures?

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